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About Us

Since 1956, we are a non-profit organization subscribed under the Congregation Hermanas Misioneras del Buen Pastor and incorporated into the Department of State of Puerto Rico in 1997, which promotes the integral development of people.


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Lodging House for Groups of 25 to 92 People

Every year we offer lodging and reception to more than 2,000 people who rent the services of our Retreat House. Foto 23  CJA-padres.jpg

Family School "Growing Together in Harmony" (CJA)

Every year, we offer psycho-educational workshops to more than 25 parents with scarce or limited economic resources, enhancing their protective capacities and preventing mistreatment of their minors between the ages of 5 and 18.


Hybrid Comprehensive Health School Project (ESH)

Free service, aimed at men and women over 18 years of age; that offers scientific tools to manage preventive health and quality of life, in a comprehensive way; positively impacting daily habits and holistic well-being.

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Seminars and Workshops (PST)

Thanks to volunteer service, we annually offer personal improvement workshops to more than 300 adults over 21 years of age. Foto 22  PCPE-grupos.jpg

Psychological and Spiritual Counseling Program (PCPE)

We have been creating collaborative alliances with universities for more than 30 years, being one of the best practice centers for master's and doctoral students in psychology and social work.

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School Project for Marriages and Couples (PEMP)

Free psychoeducational workshops for married couples and couples (men, women, LGBTTQ+ population from 18 to 65 years old) who wish to strengthen and revitalize their union.


We at the Centro Buen Pastor want you to feel safe. This is why we have developed this plan to assess risk and establish appropriate risk controls. This will benefit not only the employees but also our visitors. This document includes the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the PR Department of Health, and the Government of Puerto Rico in general through the different Executive and Administrative Orders related to maintaining safe workplaces.


So that you are aware of our upcoming events and lodging.

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