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You are the piece that completes our mission!


At CBP we need you to continue offering quality services to the communities in Puerto Rico.  For years, due to the diversity of opportunities and prompt response, we have positively impacted the lives of more than 20,000 children, youth, adults, seniors, and families who have benefited from our programs and projects. 


However, this achievement has been possible thanks to government and private entities that have appraised the social work carried out and have contributed to the dissemination and permanence of our direct services to the affected public. 

For this reason, we invite you to complete our mission.  Your economic contribution will serve to support the operational activities that are fundamentally necessary for the proper functioning of our programs and services. 


Conoce a nuestro valiente Participante del Centro Buen Pastor, Inc. A través de nuestro Programa de Consejería Psicológica y Espiritual, Javier ha encontrado la fuerza para superar sus desafíos y re-descubrir la alegría en su vida. Su historia nos inspira a seguir brindando apoyo y transformando vidas.

Principal Sponsors

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Special Grants

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Collaborative Friends

Amigos Platino

Golden Friends

 Donation: $5,000.00


Amigos Plata

Amigos Bronce

¡Ayúdanos a continuar!

Join us!

We count on you to continue our community work and complete our mission of service and the charism that distinguishes us!

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