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About Us


Centro de Renovación y Desarrollo Humano-Espiritual Buen Pastor, Inc.


Since 1956, we are a non-profit organization affiliated to the Congregation of Hermanas Misioneras del Buen Pastor and incorporated in the Puerto Rico State Department in 1997, that promotes the integral development of persons. Our facilities, noted for their simplicity and coziness, are located in a beautiful plot of land in Barrio Río of Guaynabo, Route #1 from Río Piedras to Caguas. The exuberance and greenery of Nature is the perfect frame for this welcoming and hospitable space.  



We promote the integral development of the human being in a holistic manner in psychological, spiritual, and social dimensions; offering programs and workshops that promote empowerment and wellness for every person who may need it and encouraging their commitment with Christian values.




To be recognized as the principal Eco-spiritual Center of hospitality and acceptance that fosters the communion and integral transformation of people, serving as an example of aid-management to human beings by promoting Christian values, empowerment of people, and community outreach. 




  • Welcome

  • Solidarity

  • Environmental Consciousness

  • Communion

  • Human Dignity

  • Hospitality

  • Social Compromise



Board of Directors 


  • Loida R. Ramírez Figueroa, President

  • Lcda. Migdalia Maysonet Ruiz, Vice President

  • Dr. Edda L. Martínez Ramos, Treasurer

  • Dr. Graciela García-Moliner Basora, Secretary

  • Miguel Hernández Estrella, Member

  • Hna. Luz E. Chévere Colón, Member

  • Carmen G. Rodríguez Acevedo, Member

  • Barbara Rosado Fuentes, Member

  • Hna. Mariana Rivera López, Member

  • Nydia Cordero Flail, Member

  • Jaime L. Fragoso Vázquez, Member

Administration and Programs


Hna. Widalys Melendez Torres

Executive Director



Mirna Guzman Pagan




Jacqueline Nieves Figueroa

Administrative Assistant



lcda. Lorna M. Peña Velez


Psychological and Spiritual Counseling Program Foto 16 Coord.  CJA.jpg

Rosa E. Serrano Viera


Family School

"Growing Together in Harmony"


sandra cruz santiago


School for

Marriages and Couples

Our Beginnings


An organization for all … In the beginning, we offered literacy services, training in mechanics, bodywork and painting, handicrafts, sewing and construction, and drug addiction rehabilitation and alcoholism recovery (“AA-Alcóholicos Anónimos”) to participants from different communities. In 1959, we were the site for the foundation of the “Cooperativa Jesús Obrero”, which continues being an alternative of service and economic development for the community. For the past 64 consecutive years we have continued offering our services to all persons without distinction of any kind about religious beliefs, nationality, marital status, and sexual orientation. And for more than 30 years, in alliances with universities in PR, we have served as a practice center for Master and Doctoral students in psychological counseling and social work. We were recognized by the 53rd Annual Convention of the Psychological Assoc. of PR for being a community-based organization, for the work, commitment, and constant legislation in offering quality services to communities in Puerto Rico.

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